Ultrasound system ACCUVIX 35

Experience outstanding performance

As the pioneer in ultrasound and imaging, Samsung sets global standards in ultrasound systems. We focus on supporting more accurate, easier and faster diagnosis. Our new A35 system establishes new benchmarks in operational convenience with features such as EZ Exam™ and ElastoScan™. Furthermore, the A35 offers 23-inch LED ultrasound monitor, enriched 3D performance, increased detection rates, customizable interface and ergonomic design.

Hybrid beamforming engine

With enhanced H/W and newly added S/W engines, users can process data more accurately through optimized processing. This hybrid beamforming engine enables a more in-depth, more detailed scanning with a higher energy output.

S-Vue transducer

The S-Vue transducer (CV1-8A, CA1-7A) provides broader bandwidth and higher sensitivity. This allows to deliver high image resolution even with technically challenging patients. In addition, the ergonomically designed and lightweight transducer enables users to experience less fatigue. Especially, CV1-8A is approximately 30% lighter than the conventional Samsung transducer.

Uncompromised image quality

Sophisticated image processing technology detailing skin tone and facial features provides outstanding accuracy for users and memorable experiences for mothers. Our recent breakthroughs in lifelike images are displayed on the full HD LED ultrasound monitor, with superior color performance and special filtering that removes unwanted speckle and noise. Images are not only rendered with more life-like details on optimal fetal display, but also processed and stored noticeably easier.

23-inch LED monitor

With the release of the 23-inch LED ultrasound monitor, the A35 introduces high-quality color image representation. The new, wider monitor provides superior performance over CRT and LED monitors, delivering higher resolution for more accurate diagnosis.

Thyroid colloid cyst with DMR plus™


A new engine that integrates Samsung software and enhances image quality, DMR+™ has a noise reduction filter that increases edge enhancement and produces sharper 2D images for improved diagnostic performance.

Fetal spine without HDVI™
Abnormal hand with FRV™

HD Volume Imaging™

By utilizing special filtering that removes unwanted speckle and noise while simultaneously improving visualization of edges and small structures in volume data, HDVI™ renders clearer and more accurate images.


Articulated monitor arm
Flexible control panel
Swivel lock