Ultrasound system HM70A with plus

High-quality images are critical for physicians using ultrasound in any clinical environment and are the key to accurate diagnoses. The HM70A with Plus integrates intelligent imaging technologies to fulfill a wide range of needs with excellent image quality.


Hybrid beamforming engine

A combination software and hardware imaging engine offers faster and more accurate data processing, which means more in-depth and detailed scanning.


S-Vue transducer (CA1-7AD, CV1-8AD)

The S-Vue transducer offers a larger bandwidth and higher sensitivity both in transmit and receive capabilities. The combination of the Hybrid beamforming engine with the S-Vue transducer allows easier visualization of difficult-to-image pathologies. Also, the ergonomically designed S-Vue transducer is easy to hold and manipulate.

15-inch LED monitor

The monitor provides superior performance, delivering exquisite detail resolution for more accurate diagnosis.


ClearVision™ virtually eliminates unwanted speckle noise, providing excellent contrast resolution with enhanced edge definition for unsurpassed image clarity.


S-Flow™ is a sensitive color Doppler that can reveal peripheral blood vessels even when blood flow detection is difficult.


HDVI™ improves contrast resolution and reduces speckle noise in 3D reconstructed planes and rendered volume images. HDVI™ (high definition volume imaging) quickly renders outstanding images at the touch of a button.

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